Coding Odyssey: My Journey in Software Engineering

12 Dec 2023

Looking back at my ICS 314 Software Engineering class this semester, I can’t help but marvel at the rollercoaster of experiences that has shaped me into a different kind of developer. It all kicked off with the intriguing world of...

Software Engineering Creative Agile

Kitchen and Dance Floor: Places to Understand Design Patterns

30 Nov 2023

Design Patterns? In the realm of software development, design patterns act as guiding principles, offering a structured approach to solving common problems. When we discuss design patterns, we’re essentially exploring the best ways to compose code—similar to how a chef...

Design Patterns MVC

Balancing Innovation and Tradition

21 Nov 2023

Introduction The rapidly growing influence of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in almost all sectors of the industry, as well as in the academe, particularly in Software Engineering, is deeply rooted in its capability to speed up the process of a job...

Reflection on AI ICS 314

So We Read And Then Write?

05 Oct 2023

Learning Web Design Is Like Learning New Programming Language Before encountering UI Design topics in this class, I already had considerable knowledge of HTML and a slight understanding of CSS. However, I have yet to be able to build anything...

UI Design UI Frameworks Reflection

Who is This Lint Guy Bossing Me Around Anyway?

20 Sep 2023

I Need Space… When I first started coding, I could not help but be fascinated by how the stuff I typed was laid out on the computer screen. I remember immediately exploring different theme extensions for Atom (a text editor)...

Coding Standards ICS 314

Finding the Right Key Unlocks Knowledge

07 Sep 2023

Keys and Questions: an Analogy. Have you ever been in a situation where you are in a rush and trying to open a door, but then you have this bundle of keys and do not know which one opens the...

Smart Questions Stack Overflow

Upgraded to First-Class

30 Aug 2023

Checking in In the summer of 2022, before I even transferred to UH Manoa, I looked up coding tutorials on YouTube. I learned about basic Python syntax, and then that was it. I barely made an effort to apply the...

JavaScript ICS 314

Joining the Bandwagon

30 Aug 2023

-A long long time ago- B.C.(Before CS) I had always imagined myself becoming an engineer when I was still young up until high school. I have dreamed of becoming a Civil Engineer (but then I realized that I suck at...

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